Thanks for deciding to be a guest at Casa de Sueños.

We strongly recommend you print this page and take it with you!

This page consists of general information from our website, but specifically parsed for you, our guests!

How do People Contact Us During our Stay?

By phone, Casa de Sueños is reached by dialing, from the USA, 011-52-624-143-7586. This is the local phone; in Cabo, you can reach the house by dialing 143-7586.

As an option, we have a VOIP phone (voice-over-internet) installed in each villa. The VOIP phone has an Oregon phone number (541-550-1439), so that you can dial out (no charge for USA phone calls) and callers can reach you (they incur only the costs of calling to Oregon, not Mexico). The VOIP phone usually works great, but keep in mind that the quality of the connection is dependent upon the speed of the internet.

Speaking of telephone numbers, if you need help in Cabo, use the LOCAL phone and dial 066. Dialing 911 will get you nowhere in Cabo. If you dial 911 using the VOIP phone, you’ll reach a 911 operator in Bend, Oregon.

I’m American. Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico?

YES. More information is available from the U. S. Department of State at

Do this now: pack your passport! You will not be allowed on your flight TO Cabo without it.

The Airport

You’re flying into SJD, which is located about twenty miles east of Cabo San Lucas. First things first: pass through customs and immigration. Upon leaving customs, you’ll immediately enter “the gauntlet,” a very friendly area filled with timeshare salesmen “trying” to help you out. DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU SEE DAYLIGHT.

Whether you call it The Gauntlet or The Shark Tank, unless you really want to get a timeshare presentation arranged, just walk straight ahead until you reach fresh air (outside).

Getting from the Airport to Casa de Sueños

There are several options for getting from SJD to Casa de Sueños.

Taxi: Probably a van. About $85 each way.

Limo: a private Suburban. This is the quickest and nicest way to get to Casa de Sueños. This is the real deal — a nicely dressed chauffeur holding up a sign with your name on it, waiting to whisk you away — just a great way to start off your vacation. As a bonus, TransPacifico will head to Cabo on the toll road, saving about 15 minutes of travel time. You MUST have reservations for this service — complete the form on this website:  (click here). Transpacifico will contact you directly to finalize your limo reservation.

Rental Car: Rental cars can be expensive in Cabo, but we’ve had good luck with Europa. For a typical stay, it’s less expensive to take taxis. For the day trip where you have to have a car (ie, drive to Todos Santos), just rent a car for the day. If you’re set on renting a car at the airport, we recommend you re-check rental car rates just prior to your arrival. Often, during times of weak reservations, rental car rates will adjust downward; as there’s no penalty for canceling a car reservation, it’s easy to cancel and rebook if rates are down.

DIRECTIONS (if you drive): Leaving the airport, turn LEFT and take the toll-road (US$2.50). After the toll booths (approx. ten miles), you’ll enter a round-about; take the first right out of the roundabout and that will put you on the “four lane” to Cabo San Lucas. Approaching Cabo San Lucas, you’ll pass Costco on your right (across from the Pemex station). In about a mile, you’ll pass Sam’s Club on the right (also a Walmart; good for groceries). You’ll then enter the main city of Cabo San Lucas and be on Lazaro Cardenas.

Please reference this map: Follow Lazaro Cardenas to one street past Hidalgo Street, which will be Avenue Cabo San Lucas. Hidalgo is a one-way street heading north and Avenue Cabo San Lucas is the next street; it’s a one-way street heading south. Turn left onto Avenue Cabo San Lucas and proceed south about 3/8ths of a mile. Avenue Cabo San Lucas will take you past many shops and then merge with Boulevard Marina. Continue south (another map: and you’ll see a green sign saying “Pedregal” and pointing to the right. Take this right to the Pedregal gate. You’ll need to tell the guard you’re heading to Casa de Sueños, located just across the street from the tennis courts. Here’s a pdf map of Pedregal, showing the route to Casa de Sueños:

Be sure to print these maps and directions!

Is there a personal shopper in Cabo?

Yes. Our property management company provides concierge services. Contact us for more information.

What’s this I hear about a refund of the 15% IVA tax on shopping in Mexico?

As of 5/15/08, Mexico is now refunding the 15% IVA tax on purchases in Mexico. So, save your receipts and show them at the airport upon departure and Mexico will refund the taxes you’ve paid. Click here for an article on the subject. So, grab that velvet painting of “dogs playing poker” and feel much better about it…

Is there broadband internet access at Casa de Sueños?

Yes. Casa de Sueños has broadband internet access (wired and wireless).

What about tipping?

We usually tip our maid; US$10-20 is always VERY appreciated by our maid. Prior to leaving for Cabo, we make sure to get a handful of 1’s and 5’s; for us, tipping very much improves our stay in Cabo — and at the same time plays a BIG part in spreading goodwill and of improving the lives of the workers that work hard in making our stay enjoyable. We typically tip $1/bag and at restaurants, 10-20% of the bill. If you shop at the local markets, the kids and people bagging your groceries aren’t paid and depend on tips. Note: cab drivers do not expect tips in Mexico.

What currency is used in Cabo?

The Mexican Peso is the official currency however, most merchants will take US dollars (but sometimes at an exchange rate that favors them; the most common is to exchange at 12 pesos to the dollar). The current exchange rate is approximately 12.5 pesos per US dollar (click HERE for an update). We usually pay by credit card and let the issuer handle the conversion. Beware of vendors that quote in dollars but charge your credit card in Pesos — the vendor may convert the transaction at an unfavorable rate and then your credit card will charge to convert in addition. Best to just get quoted in Pesos — in fact, insist on it.

If you want to exchange for Pesos, we’ve found that the Banks generally have a fair exchange rate, along with a booth at the Tesoro Hotel downtown.

Playing it safe!

We’ve always felt very secure while in Cabo San Lucas. However, you need to take ordinary precautions wherever you travel. How to Stay Safe from Identity Theft During Vacation is a short article that’s worth reading.

Can I drink the water?

We recommend that our guests drink and cook using bottled water.

What time zone is Cabo in and does the time change with daylight savings time?

Cabo is in the Mountain Time Zone and observes Daylight Savings Time. Whatever the time is in Denver, that’s the time in Cabo.